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1. A puppy is very hungry we recommend him to eat two times a day in the morning and dinner at first did not put his food in a bowl rather extend the ground and he will eat moin quickly.

2. It`s not recommended to give table food by continually against 1 egg, a piece of cheese and pasta OCCASION is good food for him.

3. NEVER give d`os steak, chop and chicken, give it rather crude leather bones there are now a flavor oiled real bones they love it.

4. Make sure THAT HE always has a fresh walking Water available especially in hot weather a little puppy become dehydrated very quickly.

5. grillotinnes owe d`etre a reward for him then go with moderation.

6. L`obésité brings many problems in dogs it is important to watch your weight a dog is physically healthy weight thin it has beautiful curve, but we should not see its ratings if that`s the case is too thin it does not have big rounded on the sides and belly if that`s the case it is too fat. Adjust its food as needed.

7. If you do not want to bother you THAT HE continuously when you take your meals at the table, two important things: Give him his meals at the same time you are in another room and do not put up in the room where you eat.

8. This little puppy has the diharré has he arrived home from his shift was d`environnement d`eau and if it happens to cut his food for 24 hours, cooked brown rice with 1 cuilleréa sugar and tea salt that give it lukewarm with rice juice (walking Water) by mellez suite in his food it should be gradually settle if its persists consult your veterinarian.



1. A puppy is like a young baby, he sleeps much play between 10 and 20 minutes at a time sleeping and so on and it gradually increases, it is in great need d`etre cajoled and secure. At first it will remain stuck to you like your shadow and gradually he shall take confidence and exploreras his new environment, check the the beginning if it s`éloigne too remember the foot and joyfully praise soon THAT HE returns.

2. When the puppies leave d`ici they already have a cleanliness drive has to continue this routine at home out often especially lorsqu`il wakes stay near him out and rewarded lorsqu`il poops if you put it a little time and patience few days will have to let him be completely clean, on the night he can s`échapper put at his disposal some newspapers on the floor in the room where he sleeps in case. Be patient please remember that that`s still a baby, if it s`échappe in the house and you see it take the right away and put it out again if he needs praise him profusely it has quickly wilt link Never turn his nose in his needs.

3. The puppy will learn to do and not to do so if you allow it or not it is very important that you teach him his arrival at the house you want and you do not want eg if you decide that he hath not allowed to ride on the couch or the bed you have to apply this rule of his arrival did not especially you said he hath mantenant the law because it is small and that later you will be l`interdire will be much more difficult to break a bad habit of l`enseigner immediately.

4. ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT ANY dog lives and felt that his greatest desire is to please you so the right words, and l`affection lorsqu`il awards made in good things are worth a hundred times better than the crises of anger lorsqu`il hurts, Labradors are very sensitive and intelligent they learn very quickly simply to change the tone of your voice to the good deeds and bad are sufficient if you are too hard on him he will become fearful and especially do NEVER knock it also has a very good memory, patience is a required quality when we decided d`adopter a small living being, for against the softness It`s not appropriate either a dog needs d`un pack leader c` is essential to his life and his good behavior, and head that`s you, be a good leader, not an executioner or low. As he saw it felt monitor Character of the house if you are anxious, angry, edgy or gruff he also will be if you are affectionate and happy he'll be calm too. You can NEVER deceive as few do it sometimes with human beings if you pretend l`aimer made it feel as if you pretend to play the bad behavior after he say hi hi I can still start over. It will feel like a radar your most profound sadness emotions, anxiety, joy ect .. and you will see it will live with you you will be very surprised to get a feel heart d`ame companion and as devoted to your happiness.

5. If you leave it alone for longtemp eg when you go to work leave the radio or TV and plan toys THAT HE loves you give it only when you are away, the gong is a great toy for this occasion, he will work the whole day reach food that is al`intérieur, and also the plastic bottle and dish that make noise lorsqu`il the move he quickly wilt the link when you go there get the super computer toys fun.

6. labrador needs d`exercices the steps in your company's very important that`s the best thing for his behavior he learns the obedience walking, social life and good manners the love you have shown him and sociability, that`s when you walk that walk on and not the contrary YOU decide the speed of walking and he has to walk next to you and not pulling you forward, he learns to respect people and other animals teach him not to jump, bark or growl after these, do not let it go to them has his own way to return the foot if it s`aventure in their direction, when you stop you is to talk to another person or to rest it must s`asseoir next to you and stay calm longtemp as you wish.

7. Impose him immediately al`intérieur your limit as the house has external teach him firmly THAT HE limits must not cross.

8. Teach young children how to act with the puppy how to take forever by the legs if they are small made them sit down to cuddle and play with him, tell them he hath small sharp teeth and nibbles THAT HE because it a pain THAT HE must be very careful in their little fingers and toes and especially THAT HE must be very gentle with him as if `c was another baby ALWAYS have a watch on them when they are together.

9. You want an obedient dog pleasant and sociable, one recipe OCCUPY HIM YOU if you think you can just give it to you will be very disappointed l`affection, steps, the games and discipline are essential for its smooth development.

10. Caution has emotions don`t forget THAT HE lives felt avoid panic or stress if there comes a problem he will feel and will be uncontrollable eg Do not repeat it 10 times the same instructions if it s`énerve altrainer who will teach you the proper techniques to follow, we very often find that if It`s not The animal that needs to be drawn but the maitre hi hi !!!



1. Do not wash your puppy his arrival at home he has to keep the smell of his breeder and his brothers and sister that the sécuriseras and adaptation to his new home will do much more easily. Avoid washing your dog continuelement you bring him a lot more problems than anything else, use a brush and coat conditioner and brush every day.

2. Give him chewing products for teeth and l`haleine you find the right pet and you n`aurez has not brush her teeth that I find personally not necessary.

3. Check The interior of his ears if there is dirt cleaned with a soft damp cloth lukewarm no soap your vet will give you a product if it has to bathe often or if he deems it necessary.

4. Hold her well trimmed claws it should never bent, you can do it even if you are very likely familiar with the process, if not I recommend you to do a professional it can be very dangerous and painful for the dog if you do not have any proper technique.

5. Avoid human to products of all kinds: perfume, powder, drug and makeup including clothing, your dog really no need properties swimsuit or boots, by reflecting against a bib if you walk at night is highly recommended.



1. WELL WATCH all the chemical should not be worn and has his food don`t forget his sense of smell is a thousand times higher than that of humans, he will feel the chocolate in the bowl on the table even if it is packed.

2. Clean your floor and furniture with a very healthy product is very good recipe with warm water with 1/4 cup of baking soda and 1/4 cup vinegar cleans her very well and neutralizes all odors Avoid Swiffer and chemical disinfectant, they are poisonous to dogs.

3. Avoid any outdoor pesticides inside Raid product ants and other, be very vigilant its products can be fatal for animals think to ask your friends and parents if you plan to go visit with your dog if they put their products home.

4. If you need advice for anything at all about your dog refer always professional there are often people who s`improvise connoisseurs wanting to do well as a friend, brother-sister, ect ... do not take no chance to harm the good places for your dog. Personally I am always available to my puppies parents have questions or concerns if its beyond my capabilities I'll refer you to the right people.

5. If you have plants in the house interior as exterior INFORMED before l`arrivé puppy if they are safe for him as some are fatal for him, there is a website and a phone number to inquire a subject is under even for young children.

6. Always Remember the phrase from a good family man IN DOUBT abstain and inform you to relevant resources



Your breeder is still available if you have questions

Choose a good conciencieux veterinarian who loves animals and shop it like any proffession because unfortunately there are bad who thinks qu`a your money.

A good pet store or product different and guide you on the necessity of them because you are new parents and happy packaged attention on your wallet knows his craft well able to inform and explain.

A good trainer can also help you if you have difficulty in applying the appropriate discipline and good behavior especially you éduqueras to you to be a good teacher.



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