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                                          Dévellopement THE PUPPY


BIRTH Puppies are weighed at birth and identified by a colored cord around the neck. The birth weights are quite variable, a puppy can turn around 300 grams. The most important is to pay close attention to puppies whose weight is significantly lower than the average baby others.The must go to the teats of their mother from birth, only means that it benefits well and as quickly as possible the first milk (colostrum) .When births seems to be over we let mom and puppies in a quiet and warm place all rests in quiet,

Day 1: Puppies can lose up to 10% of their birth weight. The covers are changed 2 or 3 times a day to maintain hygiene. We watched the small weights puppies, they are often overtaken by the heaviest pup and end up small marginal breasts that explains their little weight.

Day 2: Weights start up, if it is necessary to monitor the feeds and the weakest good hind teats. The flow of milk is not yet done, babies can squeak slightly without worry.

The 3rd day: All puppies should have resumed their birth weight, otherwise you have to give 1 or 2 bottles of formula. We watched navels that must start falling and disinfect if necessary.

The 4th day: Puppies grow well ....

5th day: The balance on the weight of the pups should be done through a curve, one is more aware of progress and we can see whether to continue bottles. A healthy range sleeps and eats with minimal noise. If babies are restless, breast milk is not enough, the mother does not lick her puppies enough or the temperature of the room is not warm enough: to monitor.

A 1 week: Puppies 6-7 feedings per day effective, we must ensure that all breasts are well drained to avoid congestion. The average weight gain per day is 50 grams.

10 Day: Puppies are worming and the maman.Rythmes feedings When the mother is very maternal, puppies drink at will and the small benefit more easily.

At 12 days, the eyes and ears begin to open and the puppies are discovering the light and environment.

At 15 days: The eyes are fully open. Puppies respond to noise and begin to love caresses. Puppies decide for themselves their rhythm of feedings .They began playing together and then we spent hours watching them they are so cute.

At 4 weeks: I start weaning by giving them warm milk in a lap caregivers course by putting their little nose to the surface of the milk they immediately understand and put a lap.

At 5 weeks: I preparing the slurry (puppies croquettes soaked for 1/4 hour in boiling water and cut into thick paste). A teaspoon is their offer as porridge teaspoon was well digested, I propose a tablespoon gradually increasing. they still suck their mother but occasionnelement has roughly 1 in the morning and evening. Puppies begin to walk but the back legs are still very low hence the usefulness of non-slip mat for a better grip.

  Puppies come out a little more often in the maternity room with beautiful warm days we start to take them out they discovered the world has external and c is very funny and touching at the same time. Puppies are instinctively clean to be upgraded them a "wedge-pee." In the room, I put blankets to rest on 1.5 mx 1.5 m, the rest of the room is covered with newspapers. Puppies that are not themselves where they sleep are found immediately on the newspapers.

A 6-7 weeks: The slurry is becoming thicker because they now have very sharp teeth small then they can now eat their unnecessary hard kibble to say that the mother do not want to be Tete because they bite and c is very painful for her so she's pushing lorsqu`ils still want to suck, weaning is almost complete baby will start to lap up a dish of water available to them. We must not forget that they still see a lot, so I put the dish in evidence.

  I worming puppies and mom. Puppies who used to go out beginning to be almost clean. They can play outside in good weather. As they begin to come together to sleep, he is back. In case of rain, they are dry to prevent colds. Fights between puppies become more and I intervene if the mother does not do: take the puppy "aggressor" by the scruff of the neck and say no loudly. If I see one relieve other than on the newspapers, I quickly put the dehors.A this age visits future owners can begin, but be extremely rigorous hygiene: anyone entering motherhood must wash hands. Our puppies live in the countryside. These first months are the foundation of the dogs they will become.

 This is copying the other dogs and his mom they learn to live with humans. A very familiar mother loving her puppies mark for the rest of their lives they find this normal behavior they retain thereafter. From birth to one month, the puppies are handled daily and frequently day and night as I sleep and get up close d`eux several times a night to breastfeed and keep them clean. At the age of one month, while staying with their mother, they join other dogs. They learn canine codes they will implement in their human pack when they are reunited with their families. The dog is a social animal that has a vital need to be in a group. The domestic dog treats his family home to his pack. A dog properly socialized in the first weeks of his life with his siblings and humans and other dog l`entourent will make it a balanced dog confident and very s`adaptera goods all situations throughout his life.

     Finally, dice and birth up to the age of two months, everything is done to socialize the puppies, put them in conditions where they are able to adapt to modern life, not to make dogs anxious or fearful, but balanced dogs, easy to train. In order to be a true joy for their future teachers, high free puppies with their siblings with their mother and with other dogs in the house are Labrador or hyperactive or destructive. Our dogs hear by various noise of any kind, and they have an awakening course. If good comes puppies after meals and after naps, there is no droppings at home (except at night!)

 .they Have to know all the noises of the house I begin to put in small groups with all adults and I them discover new parts of the house.

  I get used to the brush, car, and other environments.

 8 weeks: And here the week dreaded and departure. The puppies have been accustomed to be worn, rushed to hear various sounds, smell new smells, brief puppies are sociable and friendly with all the small toilet GlobalData is made to the little fur ball so that it does not feel too milk or urine (playing together, puppies get dirty very quickly). I take a small brush with hair conditioner for fur Well, they're already amenable to leave, I was both pleased and pained course I love them very much, but I'm also very happy Let them found a good, nice family who will love them and ready to take all the responsibility that requires a dog NB THAT I CHOOSE CAREFULLY THE PEOPLE WHO TAKE ONE OF MY PUPPIES I talk to them a few times I long for the recoient first visit lasts between 1 and 2 hours and if I judge they are not of able to take full responsibility patience and the love that requires my puppies I refuse to sell to them. my first criterion is the well being of these and this is close nonnegotiable have small living beings like us humans by creating life and they deserve the same well being than us.
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