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The "fox red" is not a separate color of the Labrador but color variation from yellow Labrador. According to the official standard yellow can vary from almost white cream fox red very dark. If today fox red Labradors are rare in the early days of the development of race, color red fox was the original color of yellow Labradors. Just to be convinced to look at a picture of one of the first yellow Labrador Ben of Hyde in 1899 from two black parents "Neptune" belonging to Major Radclyffe and "Duchess" belonging to Lord Wimborne. These early Labradors were caramel or mahogany color. Until the First World War, the red fox was the norm! Ben of Hyde Queen Elizabeth poses with a Fox Red Labrador Over the years, clear Labradors became more and more popular to the point that people have lost sight of the true original color of yellow Labrador. Even today, many breeders are working to produce dogs as clear as possible. Some even boast of producing Labradors "white" while this color does not exist in the standard. Because of this mode of "ever clearer" labrador "fox red" has almost disappear and original type has become very rare. A story full of nuances Two British farmers John and Glenda Crook, affix "Balrion" and Mac Bedford, affix "Wynfaul" have happily kept an interest in the darker shade and helped safeguard the fox red by producing champions such as King Balrion Frost and Wynfaul Tabasco, the ancestors of the modern fox red Labradors. These dogs had the distinction of having a very dark descent. Crossing Wynfaul Tabasco to Lady Bountiful of Balrion itself very dark, gave birth to the first litters fully fox red. A male puppy from these litters was imported to the United States by Sally Kelley livestock Kelleygreen: Balrion Red Alert. Two US farms Kelleygreen and Keepsake Labradors and took advantage of this import for the return of that color in the breed. Wynfaul Tobasco A Labrador apart ... (whole) in a range of red fox, there always has shade variations from light red to dark red. In all puppies fox red mahogany color will darken this growing up. To get an idea of ​​the future color of your puppy red fox, looking rather hue ears because the rest of the body still has the baby undercoat, often the color of kraft paper. You can also watch the pigmentation of the nose: in a classic yellow labrador, birth truffle is pink while in a fox red, it is peachy. Cayenne Red Fox pup and her sister being born, the fox red puppies are much darker then in the first two weeks of life, they gradually lighten as the undercoat grows. The hair starting to appear, the color red is affirmed. The result, in adulthood depend on what is called the effect "Chinchilla" found on the red fox: each hair is not uniformly red but only at its end, the remainder being colored sand, which gives these profound reflections characteristic. That's the secret to their unique color. But aside from that, there is really no difference in personality or health of fox red Labradors, compared to other Labradors. From this point of view, they are just "yellow" labradors.
Because of the small number of dogs at the base of fox red lines, some traits are found more often in the fox red: thus, the red fox seems to have a tendency to vocalize a bit more compared to other Labradors. However bearing in mind that in general, Labradors are large quiet! Similarly, red fox says they are a little stickier to their masters, further pushing the characteristic of any good labrador being are very attached to master. And believe us, once his master with him, the fox red not make a sound, if not sigh with pleasure

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