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Our passion for dogs has been given to us at birth since we always had dogs. We had our first labrador there 15 years by pure chance I worked at a vet friend for a few months and a customer came in crying he wanted to do his Labrador euthanized because his little son came to live with him and was allergic to animals . This beautiful blonde looked me straight in the eye it was enough for me to touch me to the heart. The same evening Princess entered our home. If was the beginning of a great love for Labradors, Princess left us since, that`s later that Rosie Gaston, Adele, Malie and Ulysses came by turns in our lives, Rosie has given us our first litter of 8 puppies nes overnight at the foot of our bed surrounded our love we stayed with her cuddling and Commending the arrival at each puppy d`un see her small living beings born while feeling the love Rosie instantly for her young life is an indescribable experience to see them develop day after day surrounded by the love the protection and care of their mother was magic is very rewarding for us. We have discovered the great demand for Labradors, dog so special for all its qualities innate sweetness, affectionate, player, first class companion for children, hunting companion swimmer and spends j`en ... puppies quickly lessee and found we had a waiting list for the next litter. We then studied all of them concerning the labrador nurse being of all proffession j`ai also be affecting the pet therapy indescribable effects with autistic children, handicapped, hyperactive disorder and other behavior that only a dog can bring slopes of a every human being as wanting THAT HE likes it. For 4 years now we have to give our passion many people children, adolescent, adult, groins from all walks of every color and race and culture a faithful friend without judgment or hatred with unconditional love A LABRADOR our knowledge our passion
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